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I just got back from a really hot workout at the gym that I go to. There’s not much for a housewife like me to do when my hubby’s away on a business trip with his so-called secretary, so I try to keep in shape. Even if my husband doesn’t pay any attention to my body anymore, that doesn’t mean that other men don’t.

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Take my trainer, for instance. He has a special class that he runs just for me that is based on modern dance and old-time fucking. He has a natural sense of rhythm that gets me soaked during every workout. Everything he does, from the way he holds me to the way he slides into me is filled with delicious, sensual music.

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The fact that he has a ten inch dick and can stay hard for an hour doesn’t hurt either… well, sometimes it does. So while my husband is busy trying to double his dose of Viagra so he can get his ancient limp dick up to bang that 20 year old slut he calls his assistant, I’m busy sliding down my trainer's Cuban robusto and shaking the neighborhood with my orgasms.

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Best thing about all of this? My husband’s away for a week and Alex's cleared his schedule so he can begin an intensive live-in workout program with me. I think I hear the doorbell. Call me and let me tell you about our workout routine. If I don’t answer, you’ll know why.

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